Art Works and Designs has a varied portfolio of projects as follows. From structured patterns like Harlequin and Damasks to free form textures and glazes. Art Works and Designs mixes traditional and contemporary with Tromp L'oiel surprises. All our finishes are hand painted and customized for each individual space so no two rooms are ever alike.

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Custom Stenciling   -   Venetian Plasters   -   Textured Wall Fabrics   -   Limestone Blocks   -   Metallic Finishes   -   Faux Leather
Wood Graining   -   Imitation Stone   -   Murals   -   Childrens Rooms   -   Wine Cellars   -   Tromp Loeil   -   Furniture/Cabinets   -   Gold Leaf
Custom Patterns   -   French Panels, etc   -   Plasters   -   Textures and Fabrics